ANmar Amdeen

Full Stack Developer

Since 1997, been fascinated by technology and the "Grid" view of Microsoft Excel. Then life took me into an interesting journey of coding and creating tools and applications. Until I opened my own company File1 that started to create classes and went deeper into practical life tools.

In File1, I created tons of tools and learned a lot about newere technologies.

Then Web development started to take my breath, how easy to show tools without installations and all other headache.

Database took me for a spin, PHP, WordPress, ASP, javascript

This website is the result of me taking CSS course, I know after developing websites for 12 years, I took a course.

Finally I reached the point of collecting all those into One package (Full-Stack Developing)

To learn more about my work history, check out my resume. Thanks for stopping by!

Other websites say more about me are ...